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I received an excellent number of responses (over 120). I found exactly the right person for the job. I was very satisfied with PostdocJobs.com and will use this service again.

Dr. H. J. Ploehn
University of South Carolina

The ad posted on your website went very well compared to what I advertised in Science Magazine for which I have paid $1,200. The postdocs I hired through PostdocJobs.com were productive and successful.

Dr. V. Slepak
University of Miami

Excellent service - I have recommended PostdocJobs.com and will use it in the future.

Dr. M. Kidd
Yale University School of Medicine

Response from your website was excellent. I got over 200 resumes after posting an ad on your website. It is amazing!

Dr. N. R. Bhat
Medical University of South Carolina

I was amazed by the number of responses to the ad. I received a steady stream of candidates that started immediately after posting and from these I found several very qualified candidates, one of which I hired. I actually need to cancel the ad to stop the number of emails I am still receiving daily!

Dr. L. Kuhn
University of Connecticut Health Center

I got an overwhelming response to the ad. It was a great experience for me! I have recruited one highly qualified postdoc and in a process to recruit another one later. Thank you.

Dr. S. Gerecht
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

Your service has been invaluable to my search for candidates. I don’t think I could have found those candidates without your help.

Dr. D. Reisman
University of Florida

Thank you for your help over the last few months in my efforts to secure a postdoctoral fellow for my lab. I have received many applications for the position. Several of these have led to exceptionally good candidates. I look forward to working with you and the helpful staff at PostdocJobs in the future. Thanks again.

P. Lombroso, MD
Yale University School of Medicine

I learned your website from my friend who hired a very good postdoc via your site. I received a lot of high quality applications in a short period of time. Your service is excellent. I will definitely recommend your website to my colleagues.

Prof. W. Zhao
Department of Chemistry
University of Arkansas

I was extremely pleased by the response that I received after posting an advertisement for a postdoctoral research associate on Postdocjobs.com. I needed a well qualified scientist with very specific training in instrumental analysis of small organic molecules (HPLC-MS, a very hot field in pharmacological and biomedical science). Within 45 days of posting the ad I had received over 75 responses, mostly from young scientists that had excellent related expertise and experience; this was a much bigger response than I received from similar advertisements in Science and on the American Society of Mass Spectrometry website and the quality of the top applicants was comparable. While many of the applicants were from overseas (several of whom were very accomplished young researchers), I also had a good pool of candidates from the U.S. The fee for placing an ad and for reviewing resumes at Postdocjobs.com reflects an excellent value, and I will suggest it to my colleagues in the future.

Dr. B. Brownawell Associate Professor
Marine Sciences Research Center
Stony Brook University

I am pleased that I have successfully found qualified candidates through your service. I have recommended your website to many of my colleagues. Thank you.

Dr. C. T. Williams
Univ. of South Carolina

You have one of the best websites I've seen in a long time, and the technical service is the best.

K. Foy
Univ. of Pennsylvania

Just wanted to let you know how useful we found the website. Posting to the website helped us diversify and expand our candidate pool threefold. Many, if not most, of the candidates applying met our initial criteria for recruitment - allowing OneWorld Health the luxury of multiple final candidates. We have been imminently satisfied with PostdocJobs.com performance, and plan to use it again in the future. Thanks much.

Michael MacHarg
Senior Associate, Business Development
Institute for OneWorld Health

The response I got for the ad was overwhelming. The next time I need a postdoc, I'll be back for sure.

Dr. T. Baskin
University of Massachusetts

I warmly recommend PostdocJobs.com to scientists who are looking to hire new postdoctoral fellows. I have had an excellent experience with the site. I received a couple of hundreds of applications within 10 days from qualified applicants residing in a variety of countries around the world. Eventually, I had to ask the site managers to remove my ad from the site because the amount of applications that accumulated in my mail box was more than I could handle. I definitely felt that I got my money's worth with PostdocJobs.com.

Professor at
University of California, Los Angeles

We had an excellent response and found some great candidates. Thank you very much.

Dr. P. Babcock
University of California, San Francisco

Your service has been very helpful. The response was overwhelming. We have received many excellent applicants, and we would surely recommend your site to our colleagues.

Y. S. Chi
Seoul National University, Korea

The ad posted on your website went quite well. Thank you!

R. F. Regan, M.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine
Thomas Jefferson University

It was successful to use your service to recruit a postdoc. Thank you for your help.

Dr. Conor Heneghan
University College Dublin, Ireland

Your service was great. We received numerous applications to select/interview from. Thanks for your help.

M. L. Wales
Indiana University School of Medicine

The service was most useful, and provided exceptional number of applicants.

Prof. J. W. Leggoe
Texas Tech University

We got more applications than we expected. The service is really good and efficient. I am sure we will use it again.

Denise K
Institute of Molecular Biotechnology GmbH

The individual we hired from contacts through your job site was excellent and has now moved on to another position. Thank you for the service.

R. Smeal
Texas State University

I was just offered a postdoc position which I found through your website. Thanks for your help.

Dr. J. Wright

Thank you very much for your service. Your service has been the best and I am very thankful to all your staff as your service has helped me to secure a position at the Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Dr. Deborah S.

Great job in providing this service. As a recent hire into the academic field, I had been job hunting for quite some time, and a site of this type would have made a lot of difference. Thanks.

Dr. Shabbir A.

I found a postdoc position from your website. Thank you very much. Your service was very helpful during my search for postdoc position.

Dr. Sarang I

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