Secrets of an Effective Job Seeker

by Melanie Keveles

From my vantage point of more than twenty years as a career advisor and coach, I have seen those who are successful job seekers possess certain beliefs and follow through on a variety of actions.

Beliefs - What you think, colors your world. An effective career seeker has the following thoughts about the process of finding the right niche:

  1. I have demonstrated skills and abilities - This belief comes from having reviewed highlights of worklife success to date and catalogued the skills, capabilities and resources you called upon.
  2. There is a market for my skills and abilities - This belief comes from having done some research in the library, on the Internet and through communication with others in appropriate fields about the needs that are in the marketplace.
  3. Through connecting, I will find the people who are interested in hiring me - It is important to spend a considerable amount of time discussing opportunities and interviewing with others. A commitment to establish meetings continually enables the seeker to begin to see new possibilities for using skills.
  4. I will get a good job and will have a bright career - With this perspective comes the result of a self-fulfilling prophecy. "You will see the results when you believe it!"

Actions - As you add these behaviors to your repertoire, you will be amazed at the results you will achieve:

  1. Reframe your mindset. - The more you can help yourself see the positive aspects of a career search rather than feeling anxious about what lies ahead, the greater chance you will attract the opportunities that are right for you.
  2. Create Allies Everywhere. - You never know where your next opportunity will come from. It is wise to see everyone as a potential helpmate to connecting you with your next job.
  3. Celebrate Your Uniqueness. - Employers prefer to hire those with strong identity about who they are and what they offer. Take the time to discover what unique skills and background you offer.
  4. Capture Your Uniqueness and Accomplishments in Words. - Letters, resume, proposals all express your potential. These constitute your "brochure" and insure that the appropriate employer(s) will be attracted to what you offer.
  5. Look for Unmet Needs Through Research. - The more you are aware of the needs in the marketplace and how you can fill them, the greater you can state your case to a potential employer. It is important to "do your homework" and identify places where you can make a contribution that is appropriate to your level of skills and background.
  6. Dialogue with Potential Employers. - Network with others. Interview. Become as visible as you can. No one will know what you can do for him or her if you are hiding your light under a barrel.
  7. Continue to be Persistent. - Don't give up prematurely. If results do not appear immediately, continue to reach out and make yourself known to potential employers. The more you do, the greater return you will realize.
  8. Possibly it is time to think about your future goals. Don't rest on your laurels. Maintain a posture of "beginner mind." There is always something new to learn in this fast paced world of technological change and global competition., an AmeriCareers ® service.