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Frequently Asked Questions
(For Employers)

This FAQs page is prepared for employers or advertisers. For Frequently Asked Questions for job seekers, click here.

  • How many people use your website?
    Currently we have over 50,000 recent Ph.D.s visit our website each month.
  • How do you advertise the website and job postings?
    Our website has been listed and well positioned in all major search engines. We periodically send job information to job related newsgroups and University departments including to faculty members and Ph.D. graduate students. Our website has been linked to many other websites.
  • Who use your service?
    Hundreds of Universities, companies, governmental agencies and other organizations have used our service for recruiting post-docs and research associates. Click here to see a partial list of our customers.
  • How effective to advertise jobs on your website?
    Job advertising on our website has been every effective. Many of our customers have successfully recruited exceptionally good candidates through our service. Furthermore, you can advertise your job until the position is filled. If the position is not filled, you can continue advertising the position on our website with a lower rate. See some feedbacks sent from our customers.
  • How much does it cost to run an ad on your website?
    It is extremely cost-effective to advertise positions on our website. It costs only $125 per job posting which you can run up to 4 months. It is a significant saving compared to other media which may cost you over a thousand dollars. If your organization recruits many postdocs, you can subscribe our unlimited job posting service for a flat fee.
  • How do I make the payment?
    You can provide us the payment information when you post your ad. We take credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or AmEx), Purchase Order, or checks. An online invoice will be automatically generated immediately after you post the ad. You can view or print it.
  • Can I advertise faculty positions? website is dedicated to recruiting post-docs and research associates. If you want to advertise faculty positions, please post your ad on our sister website University Job Bank ( which advertises faculty, staff and administrative positions in colleges and Universities.
  • How to start posting my ad on your website?
    It is very easy. Click on the link "Post a Job" and follow the link to post your job online. If you have any problem to post a job yourself, simply email your job description to us at, we will post it for you. If you post a job online, you will get an invoice immediately after you post it.
  • How long does my posting to appear on your website and accessible to job seekers?
    It will appear on our website on the same day you post it. It will be accessible to all our job seekers.
  • Can I modify or delete my posting after I post it?
    Yes. You can modify or delete your posting after you post it. It will require the posting number and password that you defined when you place the ad.
  • How do I access your Postdoc Resume Bank?
    Our Resume Bank has a large number of potentially qualified job seekers who obtained a Ph.D. Access to the resume database requires an additional fee. Please click here for more information about resume access.
  • Will I receive resumes directly from job seekers?
    Yes. Job seekers can send you resumes directly. Please include the complete contact information in your posting.
  • Is there a cost to renew my ad if the position is not filled?
    We offer a lower rate for re-posting if the ad is exactly same and it is not a generic advertisement, or for multiple positions. Please contact us for more detail.
  • How do I contact you if I have additional questions?
    Please see our contact page for contact information, or simply email us at, or call us Toll Free: 1-888-POSTDOC.



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